In May 2014, Shell Company organized 30th Shell Eco Marathon competition which aims to spend less energy in long range. YUEMT (Yeditepe University Eco Marathon Team) joined  the competition from Battery Electric Category and Cereyan7-II spent  1 kWh energy at 119.01 km range.

  Cereyan7-II has 56% higher efficiency comparing to the efficiency of last year. As a result of experiments, Cereyan7-II , which designed in this year, has better aerodynamic. We also experimented with various strong lightweight materials, as weight is also a critical factor of performance. We decided to use carbon-fibre after over 100 tests covering various applications. Thanks to these, Cereyan7-II achieved 9th on leaderboard, and 2nd in Turkey.

  Shell EcoMarathon is an organisation participated by 8000 students. Thanks to that, sponsor companies get an important opportunity to advertise during the presentation in Turkey, via social networks vice versa. This opportunity expands during the competition into an international stage.

  Sponsor companies will recieve feedback about stages of the project. This way we aim to share our excitement and success with our supporters.